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Developing A Kingdom Culture


“Honor Releases Life”



Reading A Culture of Honor  by Danny Silk
CD or mp-3
Danny Silk.  “A New Government of Love”.

Kris Vallotton.  “Honor”.

Transitional Meeting Saturday August 1 we will review Honor and introduce the August theme of Valuing His Presence.
Peer Encouragement

This month let’s find ways to honor one another all month and demonstrate the cultural value of Honor.

Pastoral Encouragement Let’s honor those that are least likely to be honored and bless them as the sons and daughters they are. Let’s pray they will experience the favor of God and of men.
Personal & Ministry Assessment

This is an exceptional opportunity to learn whether we can honor others or receive honor and favor ourselves.   This month we are asking you to fill out a personal ministry assessment on Honor. We need to be personally stretched and stretch our ministry at The Gate.

Personal Action Plan There are 6 different steps to developing your Personal Action Plan. Fill them out and make new declarations.
The Gate Action Plan There are 6 different steps to developing a Gate Action Plan. Create new declarations to help call it into being.
Declarations to create a culture
of Honor
Nothing happens in the kingdom without a declaration.
  1. Honor releases life.
  2. I experience an increasing revelation of the power of honor.
  3. I creatively honor others daily.
  4. Because I walk in humility and I sow honor I encounter more and more honor in my life & ministry.
Your Created Declaration Develop your own Declarations to build a culture of Honor in your own life and the life of The Gate.
Bringing Honor
  1. Honor someone or a specific group of people in your community/city in a creative and noteworthy way.
  2. Publicly honor at least four people (or groups of people) at The Gate or elsewhere during the month.
Culture Reinforcing Activities
  1. Do an internet study on the subject of ‘Honor’.
  2. Read "The Three Kings" by Gene Edwards.
  3. Do a study to determine if Honor is the key ingredient of the other nine revival culture themes we are focusing on this year. (Goodness of God, Apostolic Government & Relationships, Hope & Joy, Risk & Faith, Worship & His Presence, Generosity, Prophetic, Releasing the Supernatural, and Grace).
  4. Read "Can You Feel the Mountains Tremble?"  by Dr. Suuqiina.  Focus on Chapters 3 and 4 on Prophetic Proclamation and Keeping the Gates and the purpose of Prophetic protocol and/or read "Warfare by Honor".

To view and print the above table, click here.

As we continue to change our world view and create a new Kingdom world view and mindset these values will be formed in us. As they are more fully formed in us they can be released to the world.

David at The Gate

The next Kingdom value is Valuing His Presence.

(The previous Kingdom value was Risk and Faith.)

Surely the Lord is in this place...
this is the gate of heaven.

“If God will help and protect me on this journey….this shall become a place for worship, and
I will give you back a tenth of everything you give me.”

Genesis 28:20-22

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