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Developing A Kingdom Culture

His Presence

“ there anything more valuable?”




Face to Face with God  by Bill Johnson
Our lives should be lived in a way where supernatural encounters with God happen regularly and where miracles are common. This is comes by making experiencing a deep, intimate relationship with God a priority. In the book Face to Face With God, Bill helps us pursue God for greater measures of His presence in our own lives, sharing the principles he has learned and real-life stories from his life and ministry.

Introduction to the Bride of Christ by Mike Bickle (This is a .pdf article that's part of the Foundational Teachings at

CD or mp-3
Jill Austin – Holy Spirit Preparing the Bride
Jill Austin – Desperation, Visitation & Anointing.

Personal & Ministry Assessment

Review the personal and ministry assessment worksheet.

Personal Action Plan Complete the Personal Action Plan by drilling down on your personal assessment to identify places to focus on Increasing His Presence in your life.
The Gate Action Plan Complete Gate Action Plan by focusing on our gatherings and corporate expression. What can we do to improve or demonstrate how we value His Presence?
Your Created DeclarationsNothing happens in the kingdom without a declaration.

Use the created declarations worksheet to develop your own Declarations that will help build your own personal encounters and Culture of His Presence.
  1. I am often overwhelmed and transformed by God's presence.
  2. I love to soak in God's presence.
  3. Lovers make better workers. I am first a lover and worshiper of God.
  4. I am going to new levels in my intimacy with God.
  5. The ministry I lead is known for the manifest presence of the Lord.
  6. God's presence is released in everything I do.
  7. I will not go anywhere without God's presence.
  8. Like David, I am a man (woman) after God's own heart.
Culture Reinforcing Activities
  1. Read the short article by Bill Johnson: “Beholding the Presence” .
  2. Read the Article by Bill Johnson: “Intimacy, Dwelling in God’s Glory”.
  3. Read the Short Article by Wendy Backlund: “Soaking Prayer” .
  4. Purchase “Captured” by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera. Use this CD for personal soaking time. (Purchase online at or on itunes.)
  5. Spend a few hours or more soaking during Washington Worships or gather friends and soak and seek His face together for a few evenings.

Suggestions for Additional Activities at The Gate

  1. Implement at least 30 minutes of soaking prayer each week before the gathering begins during the month in another room.
  2. Invite intercessors to begin to pray more specifically for His manifest presence before and during the gatherings and during the week.
  3. Teach on the difference between praise and worship before we enter in and then move from praise to worship and worship until the glory comes.
  4. Become more specific during the meeting to train the people to see and experience the shift into deeper worship when His presence is manifest.
  5. Set aside a time to honor in a specific way those who bring in His presence during the meetings. Worship leaders, musicians, vocalist, dancer etc.
  6. Teach, coach and train the people at The Gate to recognize His presence in the corporate gathering and to honor Him and welcome Him when he comes.

To view and print the above table, click here.

As we continue to change our world view and create a new Kingdom world view and mindset these values will be formed in us. As they are more fully formed in us they can be released to the world.

David at The Gate

The next Kingdom value is Walking in the Supernatural.

(The previous Kingdom value was Honor.)

Surely the Lord is in this place...
this is the gate of heaven.

“If God will help and protect me on this journey….this shall become a place for worship, and
I will give you back a tenth of everything you give me.”

Genesis 28:20-22

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