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Developing A Kingdom Culture

The Prophetic

“...calling out the gold in people.”

                                    LEAD A PROPHETIC CULTURE.


You May All Prophesy - a book by Steve Thompson

“Mercy Triumphs over Judgment”. - an article by Kris Vallotton

Personal & Ministry Assessment

Review the personal and ministry assessment worksheet.

Personal Action Plan Complete the Personal Action Plan by drilling down on your personal assessment to identify places to focus on increasing the Prophetic in your life.
The Gate Action Plan Complete Gate Action Plan by focusing on our gatherings and corporate expression. What can we do to improve or demonstrate how we value the Prophetic?
Your Created DeclarationsNothing happens in the kingdom without a declaration.

Use the created declarations worksheet to develop your own Declarations that will help build the Prophetic in your own personal encounters and Gate Culture.
  1. I follow after love and earnestly desire spiritual gifts –especially that I may prophesy. (I Corinthians 14:1)
  2. People are energized under my ministry because of the encouragement and prophesy that regularly flows from me.
  3. I walk in a prophetic lifestyle and lead a ministry that calls out the gold in people.
  4. I give identity to the fatherless through my prophecies.
  5. I remember other people's prophetic words because it helps me see them the way God sees them.
  6. I wage a good and victorious warfare through the prophecies that have been given to me (I Timothy 1:18)

Culture Reinforcing Activities
  1. Organize and transcribe your personal prophetic words. (1 Tim. 1:18; Your Prophetic Destiny is Worth Fighting For). What are you doing to take steps to walk in the words that have been prophesied?

  2. Organize and transcribe the prophetic words that have been spoken over The Gate. Read and review them. Which of them would you like to see fulfilled? What can we do to hasten their fulfillment?

  3. Prophesy over one other at all of the regular gatherings. This includes when you are eating together, gathering in homes leadership meetings and at larger gathering at The Gate.

  4. Ask the Lord for words of knowledge and begin to flow in them. These will bring great encouragement to others. If you do not have specific words then declare the truth and build them up prophetically.

Suggestions for Additional Activities at The Gate

  1. Reading:  You’re Crazy if You Don’t Talk to Yourself Steve Backlund.
  2. Training:   Steven and Maryann LeVine - Seer Classes
  3. Training:   Kris Valloton. “Basic Training for the
                    Prophetic Ministry”. Gather a small group
                    and spend the next 9 or 10 weeks focused
                    on moving in the prophetic and experiencing
                    more of God.
  4. Teach:      I Corinthians 14:1 and 3
  5. Prophesy:   Take time at every meeting possible to
  6. Export:     Ask for eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart
                    to understand what the Lord is saying to those
                    around you. Take the prophetic to the streets.
                    Words of Knowledge at Starbucks.
                    Declarations and pure, positive and powerful
                    words spoken over those you come into
                    contact with in the marketplace.

To view and print the above table, click here.

As we continue to change our world view and create a new Kingdom world view and mindset these values will be formed in us. As they are more fully formed in us they can be released to the world.

David at The Gate

The next Kingdom value is Joy and Hope.

(The previous Kingdom value was Salvation.)

Surely the Lord is in this place...
this is the gate of heaven.

“If God will help and protect me on this journey….this shall become a place for worship, and
I will give you back a tenth of everything you give me.”

Genesis 28:20-22

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