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The Gate DC sends out reports on meetings that appear significant to the larger Body of Christ. These may include a synopsis that reflects the flow of Holy Spirit in a meeting. The GatePosts may also include prophetic words or material from ministries that hold a similar vision. These messages appear on the GatePost page and in our archives.

May His Kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We opened reading and proclaiming the Word on the Lord our Refuge, His Presence, His Provision and His Protection and end reading Psalm 91 and making declarations and proclamations from Psalm 91. The Gate was filled with the presence of the Lord. The Word of the Lord was released in such power with perhaps as many as 50 or more people reading verses, praying scripture and making proclamations from the World of God. Worship rose and fell in between, and every song and every note resonated with the spoken word. The focus was on His presence, being a people of His presence and a place of and people of refuge. We prayed for revival and an increase in this awakening. We are already seeing answers to these prayers. Every week for the last six weeks people have been saved in the Healing Rooms and scores have become believers on the streets and foreign visitors have given their lives to Jesus at The Gate. With every word the faith level in the room increased and at one point all who were sick received prayer. All in financial need received prayer for provision and those needing protection and a place of refuge were covered. Our hearts were gripped. The last two spontaneous and scriptural songs seemed to take on heaven’s scent and more than a few heard a chorus of voices worshipping that were not visible in the room.

We could follow out plan. Instead of pressing on into Psalm 91, it became abundantly clear that we should stop at that high point and during that rich encounter with the Lord. We stopped and encouraged everyone to go out and impact the world after praying for one another. For the next several hours a season of personal ministry opened up as the Lord was present to heal. Some were delivered from oppression. Others received emotional and physical healing. All experienced the love of the Father and the ministry of reconciliation. We are hungry for the manifest presence of the Lord. We want to live in His presence and be the people of His presence as well as a people and a place of refuge. God is our refuge. We trust in Him and are safe. (From Psalm 91:2 The Message) May His Kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


The Kingdom on Earth (and in the Air) as it is in Heaven

The four Ken Fish meetings at The Gate focused on the Kingdom of God in February were powerful and life changing. We are developing a Kingdom Culture to advance the Kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven. Kevin Lumsden shared this testimony of advancing the Kingdom while flying back to San Diego.

In flight salvations, row 23 seats D and E

On the second leg of my flight home from Washington DC last Sunday 2/23/14 after the KFM conference God had a young couple (not married) sit next to me. I had slept nearly gate to gate the first leg of my flight and I had the same intention this leg from Denver Colorado to San Diego Ca. God had better plans.

The guy is a philosophy teacher at a local high school and the girl is a pharmacist. They talked about their snowboarding trip, how he learned to surf in San Diego and all the normal things a talkative person brings up. I was not really feeling the Spirit, in fact I was feeling sleepy. Then he asked the game changing question, "Why were you in Denver?" At that point I felt the Spirit saying I was going to be sharing about the Washington, D.C. ministry trip. I explained Denver was just a transfer on my flight from DC, I was avoiding engaging in the rest of the conversation (oh great man of faith I am (sarcasm)).

"What were you doing in Washington, D.C.?" ....ok, ok God here we go! I explained that I was helping a friend with a church training conference that had to do with healing as well as other things. I continued, I believe that the bible is real, not theory and Jesus actually healed people. So if the bible is real and Jesus healed people we as Christians should do the same thing because he told us to "do what he did."
The guy had belief rising up in him, "Have you ever seen a person actually healed?" Thank God for fresh bread, I told the stories from the past 3 days, the lady healed of a paralyzed leg, the man healed of fibromyalgia, the tumor dissolving in the lady's abdomen as well as a few others. The guy and his girlfriend both had looks of amazement saying, "I don't know why I believe you but I totally believe you." I explained that their spirit was feeling the Holy Spirit, then God gave me a down load to tell the guy that he was visited by 2 angels at two years of age but no body believed him. Then at 4 he had this certain dream (details withheld) and God continued to speak to his past. Then came the word that this year he labeled himself as a mystic but the label has done nothing for him. Lastly he has been searching for spiritual fulfilment in psychology and philosophy but it has been empty. "God has been wanting a relationship with you your whole life." The guy broke into sobbing, "this is what I have always wanted, this peace and this relationship." So we added his name to the book of life!!!!

Next God had words about the girl being first generation in America and that she was wanting to restore relationships from her home land. There we some crazy specifics. In short she came into the kingdom as well!!! I would call the flight successful. Kevin Lumsden

David at The Gate

Surely the Lord is in this place...
this is the gate of heaven.

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