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Kingdom Advances in Worship-Intercession Archive List

The night was electric with anticipation. Praise erupted from the musicians and the room rose to exalt the King of Glory. Praise turned to worship and worship went deep. The Gate entered into the glorious presence of the Lord and then remained in the deep, standing in the glory. When the music ended there was a shift into intercession to bring down human trafficking in the nation. The weekend had been set aside for that purpose nationally and The Gate moved from standing in the glory to crying out for righteousness and freedom. More than 20 people raised prophetic prayers, declarations, petitions and proclamations. As it began to shift into a time of teaching the Word someone urged those present to check the newspapers and look for the effect of the prayers of the righteous. Within three days a sex ring operating in a nearby community was broken up and several were arrested. By the end of the week there was a report in the newspaper about trafficking laws in Virginia.

Praise until worship breaks out. Worship until the glory comes. Stand in the glory. Let His kingdom come.
When the meeting shifted Maryann LeVine released a powerful message on the very thing that had just happened. You can read more about Moving from Praise into Worship by clicking on the archives and the blog of the same name. We moved from a show and tell experience in the presence of the Lord into intercession and the message. The evening ended as we celebrated intimacy in the Lord in communion and with beautiful soaking music underneath everyone moved forward to worship

David at The Gate DC

Surely the Lord is in this place...
this is the gate of heaven.

WorshipNotes Archive List
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Kingdom Advances in Worship-Intercession

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