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Extravagant Worship Archive List

The first meeting of The Gate in 2007 was devoted to the Lord with extravagant worship. The entire room was electrified by His presence from the start of the meeting. We focused all of our attention on Him and as we did He drew us deeper and closer to His heart. For several hours we pressed into the glory and He continued to open our eyes and ears to see in the beauty realm and to hear His voice. At one point the room filled with the voices of the angelic, far surpassing any sound that could be created in the natural and we were undone and lost in passionate worship.

Several hours of worship passed like minutes and then someone rose and spoke of seeing a vision of the river of God flowing through the city and then it turned to gold. The golden river continued to flow as we worshiped the Lord Jesus. A spontaneous song opened a pool of healing as one of the singers sang of the healing power and presence of the Lord. Many came forward in response. They came into His presence as the musicians continued as the Lord our healer ministered through His people and then we focused again on Him and Him alone.

After several hours in His presence Maryann Levine spoke about Extreme Worship and then we waited to see what the Lord would say. It was as if His heart was moved to pour out His love. Prophetic words of affirmation and with words of knowledge He called forth personal destinies in many. Many were encouraged and empowered by the word of the Lord. First we ministered to the Lord and then He ministered to us and finally everyone at the meeting of The Gate had opportunity to minister to one another in love with great joy and gladness.

The following Friday night we began Washington Worships again and for more than three hours thirty to forty desperate lovers of Jesus soaked in His presence and worshipped the one that is worthy of all praise and worship. He manifest His presence again as we came to Him as worshippers. Worship is our highest priority and in His presence we encounter Him and He empowers us to re-present him to the world but we need to come into worship not as an opening act for teaching or to open opportunities for personal ministry. It is enough if we just come and worship at His feet. It is enough if we just come and hold His hand and be with Him.

In 2007 we will move even deeper into worship. It is a new season of worship. We have not seen the new wineskin of worship or heard the sounds of heaven mingled with the worship of his people as we will in the coming days. This is the hour to move into greater depth in our worship. Jesus is worthy of all our worship. Let us be worshippers. Ones he is searching for. Let us be extravagant and extreme in our worship.

Surely the Lord is in this place...
this is the gate of heaven.

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