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Improving our Worship Communication Archive List

I am obsessed with the notion that we, the body of Christ, have hidden inside a capacity for worship that has yet to be explored. That is why I enjoy worship with various numbers of people, varying styles and locales, and diverse worship leaders. While at a meeting for work, a life coach began to discuss improving our communication skills. As she began to speak, my mind travelled to my obsession, and I could hear myself thinking, “This has something to do with worship.” (Doesn’t everything?)

She started by introducing the components of communication: words, vocalization, and body language. When a message is being delivered, only roughly 10% of the content is expressed in the words we use, approximately 40% is expressed in the vocalization of the message, and 50% of the message is communicated by our body language. This is a key to improving worship and tapping into the capacity we have to honor our God with all that is within us! That is why all of the words in the Bible translated as ‘praise’ or ‘worship’ have an inherent motion or posture attached to them. How unfortunate for us as English readers/speakers that these word meanings are lost to us in translation! Clapping, shouting, waving, stretching out our hands, bowing low, and turning toward as if to kiss are only a few of the body movements attached to these words. How different our worship services would be if only we added body language to the words we use as we approach the Great and Awesome King!

The speaker continued to discuss ways to improve our communication by discussing an approach to giving positive feedback. She gave us a model she called “What and So What.” When we give someone kudos for a job well done, the message is better received and has longer lasting effect when we not only say what was done well, but we also include the impact the action had. In other words, it’s less effective to only say the ‘what’, “Good job!” and better to say the ‘what and so what,’ “Good job! Your hard work eased the work load for the next shift.” The speaker had just revealed another tool for improving our worship communication! While it may be enough to declare to the Lord, “You are Mighty!” it may be even better to say, “You are Mighty! By Your outstretched arms you defeated the work of the enemy and brought us near!” “You are Loving! In Your Great Love for me, You adopted me and call me ‘Daughter.’” “You are Holy! There is none like You! There is no shadow of turning in You! You are perfect in holiness!”

I want to take worship to another level. I want to worship Him in spirit and in truth. I want to honor Him and love Him with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength. I want to tap into the depths of my soul and release the worship that brings honor and glory to the King of all Kings. I want to worship Him with all that I am, all that I ever will be, all that I have, without restraint, abandoning myself to being fascinated and captivated by the Object of my Affection. Selah.

MaryAnn LeVine 2012

Surely the Lord is in this place...
this is the gate of heaven.

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