Drink From the River and the River Will Flow Through You to the World


saturday evenings 7:00 pm

October 23, 2021

7:00 PM

10922 Vale Road Oakton, VA 22124

If you are dry and thirsty join us Saturday night at 7;00 PM at The Gate DC

With every God calling to a Christian comes the anointing and access to wisdom to accomplish that calling. As we pursue the wisdom that Jesus gives freely, each step we take is laid out in the direction of our God calling. I've noticed that the most fruitful steps I've taken took the most significant risk or acts of faith, but every step, large or small, brings us and those around us deeper into the River of God. That's what walking with Jesus is like; every step in His footsteps is progress, every taste of the River that flows from the Throne of God takes us deeper into His presence. 

 My recent conversations with non-believers seemed to startle them. I suppose that's because it's become easy to make Jesus a part of my every conversation. I take the risk as often as possible because I took the risky first step of faith a while ago, and now each step is more effortless. The last person I talked with was so dumbfounded at the name of Jesus he went speechless. The River has many currents.

 It was not always so easy. There were seasons when a Jesus breakthrough in any conversation was a challenge to find. But as I experienced Jesus' love for the lost and drinking from the River, I found the answer. Falling in love with Jesus and sharing His love for the people was the answer. Feeling His amazing love for the lost and the communities around me was the wind that would catch me on fire and break the hesitations I felt. The more His love filled my heart, the easier it became to reach out with the love of Jesus. You step into the water, and soon the River, the love of God, is flowing out of you.

 We drink out of the same River when we bring deliverance. We invite the Holy Spirit, listen for His words, speak in confidence and power, and deliverance comes. We cast off fear and intimidation and press into the River; it takes us deeper into who we've been born to be and into our calling as believers. Soon, we realize we are the deliverers God has sent into people's lives.  Steven LeVine