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saturday evenings 7:00 pm

Come worship with Us!

The Gate is a community of hungry believers who want to honor our Lord Jesus Christ in Worship and the Word while we encourage, equp and empower one another to grow in our relationship with Him and with one another..

What are your services like?

Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do and He is the focus of the music, prayer, preaching and proclaimations.  Worship may last an hour with many contemporary songs, spontaneous worship punctuated by prayer, intercession, Scripture and other inspired spoken words. The Gate is a house of prayer.  (Luke 19:46)  The Word is the plumbline of truth informing our Kingdom world view, our worship, ministry and preaching or teaching. Our focus is on what Jesus Christ has said and not on mens opinions or mens ideas so that our lives can be transformed and we become more like Jesus Christ. The Works of Jesus, or ministry to one another, may come at tje start of the service, duirng Worship, the Word or at the close of the service. We always want  to follow Holy Spirit and allow Him to minister throught the gifted Body of christ. (1 Cor.  14:23)

Where should I park?

When we are gathering in the main sanctuary for weekly services or special conferences you will find well lit parking on your left as you drive in.  Every space is close to the front doors.  We are meeting in the sancturary at this time because of Covid 19.  Our permanent worship space is in  the chapel on the hill.  When we are meeting there you drive toward the front doors of the main building and go to the right.  Follow the signs up the hill to the left and you will find safely lit parking spots near the front doors of the chapel.. .

Where should i go when i enter the building? 

Come through the doors into the foyer and turn to the right.  You will be greeted and made welcome

Do you provide childcare?

No child care is provided but families are encouraged to worshp together.  We encourage parents with children to bring along quiet activites or toys and allow the children to experience the presence of the Lord in worship. Older sons and daughters are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of the gathering.

What should I wear?

We are more concerned about you and your presence with us than we are with what you wear. As we gather to worship the Lord we want to dress in a way that honors God. Feel free to wear comfortable and casual clothes. Because of Covid 19 we ask that you bring a personal mask to wear.  Meeting spaces are carefully cleansed and seating is arranged to create appropriate distancing.