saturday evenings 7:00 pm


These are just a small sample of testimonies of changed lives and healing that has taken place at The Gate. If you have a testimony about your experience at The Gate to share with others please contact us.  

The testimonony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy.  Revelation 19:10b

"i had gotten a root canal and crown put in but they found a crack in my tooth and I had increasing pain". Two people prayed.  "One of them said from the top of the tooth to the bottom of the root be healed and I was totally healed.  I have not had pain since."  

"Saturday was tremendous!  My back was hurting all week long and I've had no pain since Saturday!  Wow!  More God more!"

"God is good!  I am able to see more of His goodness as I look to see it.  Thank you for all your sound teaching and encouragement.  All the testimonies of God's goodness have stirred up my faith as well."

I was at the Gate last Saturday.  I was in a lot of back pain as I walked in before the service.  Two people at the end of the service santed to pray for me.  They declared the prophetic word for my legs to increase and for my hip to be readjusted.  Amazingly, I felt my leg grow and my muscles in my hip change as well!  Hallelujah!  I was free from all pain afterwards.  Thank you Jesus!

Sharon testified that one night at The Gate three women kept pressing in and praying that she would be free from fear.  Fear was something she fought for years.  She used to wak up at 3:00 in the morning but no more.  God answered their prayers and she has been experience freedom ever since.  Her only regret was that she did not come to The Gate sooner.

God is Goooood!!!!  I did see this huge line forming at The Gate to share the abundance of testimonies that are coming..... so, so, sooooo many!!!!!