Vision For Pentecost 2020


saturday evenings 7:00 pm

by: Dr. Deborah Jenks



We are hearing this is the start of a new Era or Age. Nancy Coen is calling it a global reset of every entity, Lana Vawser is calling it a new Era of His Majesty, and Rick Ridings is calling it the bringing down of evil structures.

In the first vision, I saw what I knew to be a bowl of incense filled with the prayers of the saints. When I think of a bowl of incense, I think of something shallow and wide. What I saw looked like a tall and deep vase of green translucent glass. The top was fluted and attached to an apparatus by hinges. It is like an old silver teapot I have that you tip via the hinges for easy pouring. Only the green incense bowl was deep and had no top so God’s people can continually fill it with prayers.

In the spirit I was seeing what was to come. The incense bowl was finally almost full. When it was full it would tip over and pour out as golden red lava. As the golden red lava flowed out it transformed everything it touched: people, structures, nations. Some people rejoiced as they saw the glory of God being poured out. Some became fearful and viewed it as judgement. And others were so busy building their kingdom that they were oblivious to what was happening. If the entity (people, structures, nations) was at rest, it became golden from the inside out and took on the character of God. If the entity was busy, running around, or in fear the lava barely touched it except on the outside. This made the entity much more fragile.